US dates for 10

Dates and venues for experimental duo 10‘s US tour have now become official: 10 LIVE TOUR in US(NY area).

Having finally had the pleasure of watching them in action myself, I’d definitely recommend you to go for a fun and interesting show. And should you feel like booking them to play in the area about that time yourself you could make use of the email address provided at the bottom of that tour schedule.

2 Comments US dates for 10

  1. refresh_daemon

    That’s exciting! I just got a hold of itta’s 2006 album and absolutely adore it. The tracks on 10’s MySpace suggest that their duo is promising too. I’m not having a easy time tracking down their CD as their “shop” link on their recently opened website isn’t quite working yet.

  2. helikoppter

    Oh yes, a very fine album! I loved the last track of 11 in particular.

    I bought 10’s UFO from Japanfiles (first and so far only digital purchase from my side) and found it a bit too noisy, but what they played live at Theater Zero last week was both melodic and captivating. Picked up another couple of releases at Hyang in October, but still haven’t taken the time to listen to them…


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