First album from National Pigeon Unity out now

전국비둘기연합 - Empathy
Today is the 23rd of March and that means that a new favorite album of mine – National Pigeon Unity‘s first full length album, Empathy – has been officially released. You can read my thoughts on it after this interview with the boys and to give you an even better idea of just how good I think the album is: statistics indicate that I’ve already spent well over 24h listening to the album in question, and that’s a number that doesn’t even include time spent listening at work which is where most of my music listening happens nowadays.

While I’d argue that every single song on Empathy is great, two songs in particular have gotten some extended play on my side: the post-rock-ish , and the fantastic 먹이사슬 – track 7 in the album sampler that you can listen to while reading the English version of the album press release at the Estella site. The Estella site is also where to go to learn the dates for the Korea wide Estella Revolution Tour 2010 that’ll bring NPU to seven different destinations in June. To hear more from Empathy, use the Estella Radio to listen to 차원의 벽, or check out the teaser music video posted on the GMC/Estella blog!

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