New music video from Oh My Melodies

Remember the lovely bedroom electronic pop offered by I Love JH‘s Jiyoung Lee under the moniker Oh My Melodies? Although I Like It All was the sweet synth pop tune that first caught my attention, it was eventually the more laidback Everybody’s In The Room I ended up playing the most. Just now I was happy to learn from Jiyoung that she has made a music video for the latter out of clips from “awesomely bad” movie The Room: Everybody’s in the Room.

If you’re following me on twitter, you may have already seen these, but in case you didn’t: Since our interview, Jiyoung has had the time to star in another quirky, humorous short film directed by Dave Bonawits: A Documentary About People Who Watch Sunsets. And since a couple of weeks ago, a teaser trailer for the movie mentioned in that interview, Pleasant People, is available: Pleasant People Teaser Trailer.

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