Introducing: Videophile

Little over a month ago, I was asked by a reader whether there was a possibility to become a guest contributor of Indieful ROK. Until then I hadn’t really considered it, but giving it some closer thought I realized it wasn’t such a bad idea after all – while I do prefer to do the regular updates myself, there’s simply too much I want to do with this blog to be able to manage it all on my own. Hopefully I’ll be able to introduce that particular reader to you before long, as she’s currently writing something for Indieful ROK on a topic I’ve been curious about for quite some time. Inspired by her inquiry, I realized that perhaps a guest contributor could also be the solution to finally get one of those regular features I’ve wanted but didn’t feel like I was the right person to do.

As you’ve probably realized, although orienkorean hasn’t updated his YouTube channel for well over a year there has been no one to pick up where he left off. Still there is a fair amount of interesting music related videos finding their way onto YouTube every week, but it can be quite difficult to find those Korean indie gems in the virtual sea of videos out there. Something could definitely be done to make it easier to find them!

Over the past few months, Janet from make-shift cartology has been posting some of her finds in the Indieful ROK shoutbox which is why I figured she’d be perfect for the assignment: to compile and present those videos of particular interest for readers of this blog. Fortunately she agreed, so starting today you can easily catch up on the latest videos via the playlist Janet creates for her very own new Indieful ROK feature: Videophile.

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