Videophile: February 1-15, 2010

Hi! Starting this month, I will be doing a roundup of videos (mostly youtube) twice a month, for those of you who, like me, are videophiles. I hope it will be useful. Thank you to Anna for giving me this great opportunity! Videos that are from earlier than this February will have a star* next to them.
To play all the videos on the playlist, simply hit play, and navigate back and forth using the arrows on the sides of the box.

In order of appearance: 

Yi Sung Yol -기다림 [ MV]*
The Fluxus youtube channel did a mass upload of old MVs for this former U&Me Blue member. This song was featured on the OST for the 2003 film, …ing. feat.G-One – No.5 [MV]
As Anna mentioned earlier this week, this video faced some minor controversy. It is well worth a watch as it is filled with wonderfully seductive textures and imagery. Lee Jeereen’s influence is obvious in the music.

Cocoon Bells – Naru [MV]
From their 1st EP, Cocoon Bells.

The The Band – 눈물이 흐르다 [MV]
From their mini-album, 눈물이 흐르다

Dick Punks – 치어걸 [MV]
From their 1st mini-ablum, Dick Punks

Suniswall – Ghostdance [MV]*
Though this was released in late January, I feel like it must have gone unnoticed and wanted to give it a chance to be heard.

Lucid Fall (speaking w/ Yoon Jong Shin +Horan from Clazziquai + Gain from Brown Eyed Girls)*
A brief interview followed by a bit of the song 평범한 사람 from Lucid Fall’s 4th album, Les Miserables.

Every Single Day – Lucky Day [MV]*
As was mentioned earlier, Every Single Day makes an appearance on the Pasta OST with this song.
I included two more songs by Every Single Day on the playlist, 그곳에 있을게 [MV]* and Wonder [MV]* for anyone who might have been interested in more from this great group.

10cm – 오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요 [MV]*
Also by 10cm, Americano [MV]* and 눈이 오네 [MV]* These three videos by 10cm posted earlier being reposted in the playlist for this month.

Deafening Street – Eternity [MV]
This U2 loving group released their first album, In The Deafening Street, earlier this month.

Kite – Cruella [MV]*
A great group, profiled earlier this week at Luminosity. Cruella is from their 2nd album, 오후愛.
Also included is the lovely song 시월희 [ MV]*, a single released in 2007.

Jong Mina- 잔상 [MV]*
While browsing the  REDCANDPLAYNET channel, I came across this talented young musician.
The instrument she is playing is kind of zither and is called a Gayageum (가야금), I believe.

Brown Eyed Girls feat. Vodka Rain – Uptown Girl [@Music Travel LaLa]
I came across this and found it to be cute and somewhat relevant so I included it as a special bonus.

Thanks and credits go to: Anna, Luminosity, UrAznSource, Mnet, REDCANDPLAY, Deafening Street and all other uploaders.

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