Liner’s favorite albums in 2009

As you know, I’m a fan of Tearliner. Not only is he an excellent songwriter, but he’s got excellent taste in music – as shown by his choice of music for popular dramas Coffee Prince and Triple. Thus just like last year I asked if he’d like to list his favorites among the albums he listened to during the year that passed for Indieful ROK, and just as kindly he agreed. And here it is! A whole bunch of really good music to check out if you need a break from all the Korean music usually posted on here, starting with a new all time favorite of Liner’s:

Liner’s favorite albums in 2009

Wolftron - Flesh & Fear
WolftronFlesh & Fears [2008]

The Big Pink - A Brief History Of LoveDavid Usher - Wake Up And Say GoodbyeMiike Snow - Miike SnowBarcelona - Absolutes
The Big PinkA Brief History Of Love [2009]
David UsherWake Up And Say Goodbye [2008]*
Miike SnowMiike Snow [2009]*
BarcelonaAbsolutes [2009]*

Future Clouds & Radar - PeoriaBad Lieutenant - Nver Cry Another TearSubject Bias - I'll tell you when, where, and how to feelWilliam Fitzsimmons - The Sparrow And The Crow
Future Clouds and RadarPeoria [2008]
Bad LieutenantNever Cry Another Tear [2009]*
Subject BiasIll Tell You When Where And How To Feel [2008]*
William FitzsimmonsThe Sparrow And The Crow [2008]

Jistoray - FootprintsFarewell Flight - Sound Color MotionJohn Eichleay - John Eichleay검정치마 - 201
JistorayFootprints [2008]
Farewell FlightSound Color Motion [2008]
John EichleayJohn Eichleay [2008]
The Black Skirts201 [2008]

Josh Mease - WildernessDie Art - Funeral EntertainmentModest Mouse - No One's First and You're NextWolfmother - Cosmic Egg
Josh MeaseWilderness [2009]
Die ArtFuneral Entertainment [2008]
Modest MouseNo One’s First and You’re Next [2009]*
WolfmotherCosmic Egg [2009]

국카스텐 (Guckkasten)- Guckkasten
GuckkastenGuckkasten [2009]

The liner recommends tag radio has been reinforced with all the albums above that has a * after the year. For more controlled sampling, just click the artist name and you’ll end up at MySpace!

3 Comments Liner’s favorite albums in 2009

  1. Janet

    so many names I have not heard of, but by the recc I’ll have to look them up!
    agree for The Black Skirts, Guckkasten, Wolftron, David Usher and Modest Mouse.^^

  2. helikoppter

    Although I did recognize some of the names, I’m ashamed to say the only albums on that list I had listened to before were the Korean ones…

    What little I’ve heard of Wolftron on MySpace sounded great though, and I’ll make a point of listening to the rest before long as well :)

  3. Anonymous

    Damn! Tearliner has amazing taste in music. Thanks for posting this! I only heard about half of the names listed xP.


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