Indieful ROK Best of 2009 results

Many thanks to everybody who voted for Korean album and song of 2009 for Indieful ROK’s first own top list!

Albums and songs were awarded points – Eurovision style with 12 points to no.1, 10 points to no.2, 8 points to no.3, 7 points to no.4 and so on – in the order they were listed by submitters. Many different albums were picked so for a while I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make anything worthwhile of it after all, but in the end I did manage to compile a short list of albums that all received at least three votes:

The Best Korean Indie Releases of 2009

1. Jang Kiha & The Faces – 별일 없이 산다 (32)

Donawhale 2집 - Dive Into Blue
2. DonawhaleDive To Blue (28)

Mate - Be Mate
3. MateBe Mate (26)

한희정 - 끈
4. Han Hee Jung – 끈 (24)

5. Apollo 18The Blue Album (24)

Regarding songs, not a single valid vote contained the name of the same song as any other so no list there. I must say I love how varied your music tastes all are! However, Jang Kiha & The Faces deserves a mention here too being the only act with three songs nominated.

6 Comments Indieful ROK Best of 2009 results

  1. wassereis

    agree with janet, I think it’s a really good top 5. I’m curious what the nominated songs were though. you can make a poll, listing all the songs that were named and people can decide which they liked best out of those? or is it too many songs?

  2. helikoppter

    To be honest I had thought the chart would look a little more like how placidian voted :)

    As for songs, maybe they’re too many to vote amongst but I could definitely list them. Maybe try to find samples for everybody to hear. Already got a whole bunch of writing of various kinds planned for this weekend though, so that might have to wait till next week ^^


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