Liner recommendations of 2008

There’s a number of reasons why I’m a Tearliner fan. It’s not just because he makes really good music, but also because Liner is the kindest guy. And he’s got a great taste in music. In fact he’s so nice that he agreed to list his favorite albums of the year for Indieful ROK – and as a bonus he included separate lists with a bunch of all time favorites. Even if you’re not the list type, a recommendation or two is never wrong, right?

Liner’s recommended albums released in 2008

Haunt - The Deep North
Haunt: The Deep North

Wagner Love - Everything About
Wagner Love: Everything About

The Butterfly Effect - Conversation of Kings
The Butterfly Effect: Final Conversation Of Kings

Guillemots - Red
Guillemots: Red

Dear And The Headlights: Drunk Like Bible Times

Surrounded - The Nautilus Years
Surrounded: The Nautilus Years

RJ2 - Life Without Confusion
RJ2: Life Without Confusion

And so to Liner’s all time favorites:

Best album:
– My Vitriol: Fineless [2001]
– Under The Influence Of Giants: Under The Influence Of Giants [2006]
– Mew: Frengers [2003]
– The Motorhomes: Songs for Me (and My Baby) [1998]
– Ronderlin: Wave Another Day Goodbye [2002]
– The Radio Dept.: Lesser Matters [2003]
– Giddy Motors: Make It Pop [2002]
– Leslies: Leslies [1998]
– The Boo Radleys: Kingsize [1998]
– Air: Moon Safari [1998]
– Ooberman: the Magic Treehouse [1999]
– Silver Screen: the Greatest Story Never Told [2005]
– El Ten Eleven: El Ten Eleven [2005]

Best Band: Radiohead
Best Melody Maker: The Carpenters
Best Song: Words (by F.R. David)

There’s now a liner recommends tag radio at including most of the above, though if it will play or not for you I don’t know… It works fine for me at work, but not so much from home: helikoppter’s liner recommends radio (for subscribers) or global liner recommends radio (for everybody else).

And don’t forget the upcoming release of the Romantic Island soundtrack! Only three more days now…

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