Year end posts for 2009

As 2009 comes to an end, the unavoidable year end posts come a plenty. Korea Gig Guide focuses on the best live events of the year that just passed: KGG Staff 2009 Live Faves.

Other bloggers have instead listed albums:

Dear Cloud 2집 - GreyYB (윤도현밴드) 8집 - 공존(共存)
Just like I did, Saharial too has written something on her 2009 favorite releases for London Korean Links: LKL Critics’ Choice 2009: Saharial. Keeping it a bit more alternative than usual, the choices include Dear Cloud‘s second and Yoon Band‘s eight full length album.

In Memoriam 1946-2009 그대없는, 그대곁에어른아이 - Dandelion나비맛 1집 - 나비맛Younee - True To You
Of course LKL’s very own Philip Gowman also wrote a bit on his favorites: LKL Critics’ Choice 2009: Philip. The list includes the In Memoriam 1946-2009 compilation to the memory of Roh Moo-hyun, adultchild‘s second full length album, nabi:mat‘s debut effort, and Younee‘s European album.

Mate - Be Mate브로콜리 너마저 - 브로콜리O마저 (3rd Demo)
Contrary to allkpop’s general kpop orientation, the allkpop Writers’ Picks for 2009 includes the first album from Jang Kiha & The Faces, Mate‘s debut album, and even the 3rd demo from Broccoli, you too?

Donawhale 2집 - Dive Into Blue3호선 버터플라이 - Nine Days Or A Million루네 (Lune) 1집 - Absinthe
And over at wakesidevision, the top albums of 2009 are deemed to be Donawhale‘s second full length, Apollo 18‘s Blue album, 3rd Line Butterfly‘s return EP, and Lune‘s debut: My Best of 2009

4 Comments Year end posts for 2009

  1. Luis

    I searched for Lune’s album right after you guys post that…and DANG…I’m amazed by her.
    She sounds a bit like Han Heejung.

    I voted for 2009 Indie Rok!

    Happy New Year Yeorobun!


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