Reviews a plenty

Just like there have been several year end reviews recently, a fair bunch of more elaborate reviews too have been posted over the last couple of weeks.

Biuret (뷰렛) 1집 - Be Full Of Spirit: Beautiful Violet
한희정 1집 - 너의 다큐멘트있다(Itta) - Re:Pops!
로켓 다이어리 (Rocket Diary) - 20 INSTANT LIFE바닐라시티(Vanila City) - 이카루스의 날개 (Icarus Wings)바닐라 유니티 (Vanilla Unity) 1집 - Lov.E
Biuret – Be Full of Spirit Beautiful Violet Review
한희정 – 너의 다큐멘트 Review
Itta – Re: Pops! Review
Rocket Diary – 20 Instant Life Review
바닐라시티 (Vanila City) – 이카루스의 날개 (Icarus Wings) Review
Vanilla Unity – Love Review

캐스커 (Casker) 1집 - 철갑혹성 (NEW EDITION)한희전 - 끈
Inbox: Apollo 18 – Apollo 18 [Blue Album]
Inbox: Casker – 鐵甲惑星 [New Edition]
Inbox: 한희정 – 끈

make-shift cartology:
흐른 1집 - 흐른검정치마 - 201
Heureun – vol.1 Flowing
The Black Skirts – 201

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