Pastel artists sing to the memory of Roh Moo-hyun

In Memoriam 1946-2009 그대없는, 그대곁에
July 10, an album called In Memoriam 1946-2009 – 그대없는, 그대곁에 was released. It’s a tribute to the late former president Roh Moo-hyun, and several Pastel artists have contributed with new songs:
01. Sentimental ScenerySarabande
02. adultchild – 내 눈물에 고인 하늘
03. Park Joon Hyuk – 등산
04. Taru – 겨울새
05. Casker – 하늘나비
06. Misty Blue – 한밤의 꿈
07. Ahn Jung Joon feat. Bang Ji Yeon – 편지
08. Lee Jin Woo – Spiritual
The adultchild song can currently be sampled at Pastel Music.

update: mrkwang tells me that the CD release is limited to 500 copies and that the CD will not be available in regular stores – it can only be reserved through this page and it’s no more than one copy per person. Also (via pig-min), all income from the release (I assume from the digital copies too, or they should’ve considered pressing more CDs) will be used to build ‘Roh Memory Center’.

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