Japan & Korea audition for Clazziquai

Clazziquai are looking for YOU (yes, you!) to help them out with their upcoming remix album. K Bites posted the news in English, and the official homepage news section has got all the details in Korean. Part I of the auditions has them looking for somebody in between 16-25 years of age to be their “featured vocalist” provide “pitchering vocals” (whatever that means – what is a 피쳐링 vocalist exactly?), whereas they’re looking for somebody to remix Flea in Part II.

4 Comments Japan & Korea audition for Clazziquai

  1. Sunshine

    nonononono :O 피쳐링 would be ‘featuring’. haha :P in Korean, f and p have the same pronunciation…
    so they’re looking for ‘featuring vocals’, which makes sense :)


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