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Catching up on the link posting:

While sharing the rumors that there’s a Raspberry Field single in the works, wassereis posted a translated sweet clip on Violet Sweets from MBC’s High Kick Through The Roof (지붕 뚫고 하이킥) where the band’s vocalist Soy sings a bit and shows her English skills: [Rasperry Field] Soy’s Acting Career.

Midnight Stitch
Violet Sweets has also got a post on the album release plans of Midnight Stitch: [Midnight Stitch] Homepage Open. Turns out the duo released a new digital single called Broken Ear yesterday, December 3, and this time they’re featuring a couple of DJs leading to a more electronic sound. Sample both new tracks and everything form the first single at MySpace.

Janet has posted another couple of overviews of Korean artists at make-shift cartology:
artist overview: Ironic Hue [아이러닉 휴]
group overview: The Plastic Day

allkpop is giving Mate some extra attention: Mate To Hold A Solo Christmas Concert

니아 - Good Bye
Word has spread on girl rock group Nia as they released their second single, Good Bye, on December 2:
– K Bites: Watch out for new girlgroup Nia, hailed as the ‘2nd Brown Eyed Girls’
– omonatheydidnt: Nia’s 2nd Single: “Goodbye” MV

Nell - The Trace (special limited edition)
Chris Park has reviewed yet another album for wakesidevision: Nell – The Trace Review

Through an email this morning I was alerted that noisy Korean American band Kite Operations has released a music video for the song Islands. Turns out their album release party in November was quite the success – review and videos at YellowBuzz: Kite Operations Blew My Mind: Reflections and Media from Brooklyn.

Another Korean American act but of the more melodic kind, Maggie Kim, was recently interviewed by Korean Beacon: Maggie Kim has “Love Like Everyone”. I had never heard of her until allkpop retweeted the interview link yesterday, but from what little I’ve heard now I think I find her music quite agreeable.

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