Swallow’s It album reviewed

스왈로우 3집 - It
New review over at wakesidevision today, this time the third full length album from Swallow: 스왈로우 (Swallow) – It Review.

I’ve been listening a bit to this album myself and was very pleased to hear so much of Lune on there. I had been hoping for something of a mix between Sun Insane (the first Swallow album – an altogether lovely release with several really strong tracks. Examples linked here) and Lune’s debut (which is one of my favorites from this year – hear one reason why here), where he instead supports her. Although it was not exactly what I had hoped for the end result was an album that at least in my opinion surpassed Swallow’s second album effort Aresco.

If you that have yet to hear anything from this very fine but perhaps not all that exciting album I’d recommend a look at the album promo. It was uploaded a few days ago by ComeAndHaveACoffee, that offers more videos from both Swallow and Lune alongside some other great acts.

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