So Cow covers Korean indie acts again

Some of you may recall Irelander So Cow‘s cover EP So Cow In A Shed from earlier this year. A few hours ago he tweeted a link to another cover EP, this time called So Cow In The Sitting Room, and just like last time there’s a couple of covers of Korean songs: of Amature Amplifier‘s Manekin and I Love JH‘s Jenny. Download here!

If you don’t already know them I’d strongly suggest you also check out I Love JH in original. Here’s a music video for Jenny, they’re on MySpace, and Espousal Records offers demo songs for download. Unfortunately the band is on a hiatus right now, but the guitarist now offers her services to Trampauline and as I’ve tweeted twice already, the vocalist is now making lovely music from the US as Oh My Melodies: Oh My Melodies – I Like It All. (Thanks to Espousal’s Kyoungmo Kim for sharing information on the members’ current activities a while back!)

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