How to Contribute to Tumblbug Crowdfunding Projects

The concept of crowdfunding is nothing new, but with the Internet gathering funds from a large number of people for some particular venture has become easier than ever. As the number of platforms grow, so does the number of users. The market has expanded plenty over the last couple of years internationally as well as in Korea. When it comes to music projects the more popular Korean crowdfunding platform appears to be Tumblbug–boasting the slogan “Get smart, Fund art”.


Successful Tumblbug projects of the past include The Electric Eels‘ second EP and No control‘s first album as well as the yet to be released fine debut EP and Vidulgi OoyoO‘s second album. Those looking to contribute today can chose to support Beautiful Days vocalist Oh Hee Jung for her first solo EP, singer-songwriter Good John‘s debut EP or the first album from Naty and Crash guitarist Yoon Doobyung‘s new heavy metal band The Choppers to mention just a few.

But how do you go about to actually support one of these projects? For the international fan this can be particularly tricky as Tumblbug at the moment only accepts Korean credit cards and Korean bank transfers, but should either be available to you here’s a quick how to:


1. Sign up or log in

In order to be able to contribute to a Tumblbug project you’ll need to sign in. The link to do so can be found in the top menu to the left of the search field.


Once clicked you’ll get a pop-up where you can either log in–with email & password using an already existing account (로그인) or using Facebook–or register for a new account.


If you choose the Facebook option you’ll be asked to install the Tumblbug app and once that has been done you’ll return to Tumblbug automatically.

If you’d rather sign up for a Tumblbug account you’ll need to enter your email address and name, enter a password then repeat the same. The first checkbox should be checked if you want to receive Tumblbug newsletters. The second checkbox is to confirm that you accept the user agreement before clicking the sign-up button (가입하기).


2. Pick the project

Usually artists will share their Tumblbug project links on various social media platforms, but of course you can also browse Tumblbug to find something that interests you. All Tumblbug projects–past and present–can be found on the Tumblbug project page. Click the link that says “음악” in the right side project category menu to see all the music projects.

itta is an artist that I respect greatly. All of her creative endeavors thus far have been excellent, so when I learned that she needs support to press the album and print the book she made for her son RAAI of course I wanted to support her somehow.


On the project page you will usually find an introduction video as well as text explaining the project and on the right hand side there’s the information about how much money is necessary for the project to be completed (1), how much as been raised so far (2), how many days remain (3), and how many have contributed (4).


3. Settle on the amount

Have a look at the various donation packages on the right hand side to find out what’s in it for you, should you decide to contribute. To get to the actual contribution part, press the blue button that says (프로젝트 밀어주기) right under the numbers providing project stats.

The first thing you’ll be asked to do is to enter the amount that you wish to contribute:

Scroll down to see that your choice of donation package has been highlighted…

…before scrolling all the way down and clicking the button that says 다음 단계로 to move on to the next step



4. Pick your payment option

Next up is payment options. You’ve got the card option (체크/신용카드) and the bank transfer option (계좌이체). Pick the one which is more convenient for you and fill in your details in accordance with what is described on the images below.

A. Card


B. Bank Transfer


Before completing the payment you will have to make a confirmation. Enter your mobile phone number and press the button to get a text message with a confirmation code. Once you’ve received the message, enter the confirmation code and press the button again to get to the final stage.



5. Contribution complete

Once your contribution has been registered you arrive at the final step which does not require any action. You get congratulated and again receive the information about what you’ll get in return for your contribution if the project comes through.


Unfortunately for me I won’t be able to attend the album showcase on May 5th, but I’m very much looking forward to the album, 내 몸 속에 새가 있다 (A bird in my body), and the book when they’re ready. Anyone in Seoul on May 10th should consider also dropping by Yogiga for itta and Marqido‘s first performance as Tengger–the new name of (((10))). Tengger will be opening for RAAI, who will be making his performance debut on his first birthday.

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