Bugs Indie Music Chart w48

Nothing much to say, except 3rd Line Butterfly obviously still has what it takes to make great music.

Bugs Indie TOP10 – November 29, 2009
1. Misty Blue – 하나
2. 3rd Line Butterfly – 깊은 밤 안개 속 [Hyang Music]
3. Asra IG – 기분 좋은 오늘 난
4. Late Spring – 오늘 하루 어땠나요
5. Dr.Core 911The Escape [MV]
6. Yong Won – 소리없는 새벽 (feat. Taru)
7. Geol – 미워하면 닮는다 (feat. Soulman)
8. suniswall – 정저지가 [website]
9. NellStay [MV]
10. Jang Kiha & The Faces – 달이 차오른다, 가자 [MV]

The new additions to the TOP100 list are the following:
18. 3rd Line Butterfly – 무언가 나의 곁에 [@ SSam]
19. Vodka Rain – 서랍을 비우다 [@ MBC Radio FM4U]
20. 3rd Line Butterfly – Nine Days
34. Misty Blue – 가을의 용기
92. Asra IG – 댄스 위드 미
97. Asra IG – 종이위의 밥말리

See the full top 100 list here.

Acoustic pop band Asra IG debuted with a single called Asra IG Introduce on November 19. If you have a Cyworld account, you should be able to find plenty of video clips at their Cyworld Club. If not this Damien Rice cover will have to do. So far my favorite thing about them is that they have a member playing contrabass, but once I’ve had a chance of hearing it I’m sure their music will have some appeal as well.

A month after the release of new EP 이분쉼표, soft rock band Vodka Rain finally sees title track 서랍을 비우다 enter the chart.

5 Comments Bugs Indie Music Chart w48

  1. janet

    Not surprising at all, they’re #1 worthy.^^ I’ve been repeating ‘Night Fog’ all week long.

    Wish I could hear the other songs of theirs’ on the chart.

    Cyworld link for Asra IG seems to be broken.

  2. helikoppter

    Oh, thanks for the link! Will add it to the post right away :)

    Did you see that bluoxetine had uploaded a couple of Playgirl videos as well? They’re almost too adorable!


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