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Swallow, the terrific solo project of Huckleberry Finn‘s Lee Ki Yong, will release a third full length album, It, October 13. Having recorded some marvelous songs in the past (봄의 피로 : 어느 배우 : 저녁의 룸펜) and doing a great job supporting Lune throughout her wonderful Absinthe album, It has every possibility to be one of this year’s finest releases.

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  1. helikoppter

    It definitely is! Those songs I linked are all from Swallow’s first album Sun Insane though. Aresco while nice had a somewhat different style and didn’t contain as many gorgeous songs. Lune’s Absinthe (among my favorites this year) was a bit more reminiscent of Sun Insane so I’m sorta hoping It will sound something like that too :)

  2. Janet Kupelian

    Oh I 100% agree there. Lune’s voice is not only haunting, her music is crazy-lovely. I hope you’re right and their new album will follow suit.
    Really, so beautiful! T-T


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