Soy to sing at Christian Heritage Academy

Going through the kpop blog updates of the last few weeks, I spotted something interesting over at seoulbeats: Want to See Brian in Concert?

The Brian in the headline is the one formerly in kpop duo Fly to the sky and to see him in the concert in question, one would have to be in Illinois (Northfield, to be specific) on October 30. Also playing at the same event is Soy of Raspberry Field (pictures and videos here). As you may recall, Soy sang 작은 새 together with My Aunt Mary for the 남과 여 그리고 이야기 compilation.

Details on the event here!

4 Comments Soy to sing at Christian Heritage Academy

  1. helikoppter

    You are absolutely right! (oops!) I was just checking the first Indieful ROK post on that digital single to get the title without confirming with the actual release.. Thank you!

    And why go to Illinois when you have so much more to chose from where you are right now? :p


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