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To everyone submitting entries for the past weekend’s CD draw – thank you so much for all of your suggestions! Just about everything was such that I’d love to do and in many cases I had even considered doing something like it, but didn’t take the time not knowing if anyone would actually like to read the result. Now I’m off to buy jiffy bags, and tomorrow I’ll send some CDs to destinations in the US, Singapore, South Korea and Sweden (yes, it’s actually cheaper to send a CD from Korea to Sweden than to send one within the country…).

As for the most common suggestions:
– I will most definitely write something about my trip to Korea and my experiences at GMF2009. This will end up at London Korean Links, but links will of course be posted here.
– The next introductory post will most likely be on late 90s/early 00s kindie. I’ve already had the pleasure of interviewing (and offering mp3s) from my old favorites Especially When and Merry-go-round (and maybe I should count Julia Hart too, though they’re still around and the new song is only up for a month), but this will be one or more themed posts along the line of that twee pop introduction. Other introductions likely to follow include post-rock and metal.
– Indieful ROK top lists! My favorites, your favorites, etc. Exactly how to gather the data and present it is a bit unclear, but I’ve got a few ideas under evaluation.
– Label overviews/introductions.
– How to buy Korean mp3s without a Korean ID. I’ve heard that this is possible from mnet, but still haven’t tried it myself. If anybody knows of other useful online stores, can provide any assistance and/or even knows where to find a guide in English for this already you are extremely welcome to let me know.
– How to find the record shops/live venues/etc. of particular interest in Seoul. Perhaps not that interesting or new to people that actually live in Seoul, but something that could come in handy for other first time visitors.

Again, thank you so much! Now that I know what you want, I’ve just got to find the time to provide it.

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