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드린지 오 (Dringe Augh) - Individually Wrapped플라스틱 피플 (Plastic People) 3집 - Snap
As you may recall, music blog Milk Milk Lemonade has been reviewing Electric Muse releases recently. Last week they posted reviews of Dringe Augh‘s fine folk piece Individually Wrapped: Dringe Augh: Individually Wrapped EP.

And a week ago, Milk Milk Lemonade covered folk rock act Plastic People‘s third full length album Snap, while also including a song from second album Folk, Ya! in the post: Plastic People. Read the review for a chance to download Under The Shadow (그늘에 서서), History (역사) and The End Of Summer (여름의 끝).

As it happens, that second Plastic People album is one of the albums in Indieful ROK’s CD draw, which closes at the end of today (GMT). And since I like Dringe so much, I picked up a few more copies of Individually Wrapped in store at Hyang Music while visiting the other day, so those CDs are included in the draw as well.

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