Jang Ki Ha & The Covers

To be honest I haven’t cared much for Jang Ki Ha & The Faces except for blogging purposes. It’s not that I don’t like the music, but in this case it’s more like I feel like I’m missing out on the most important part from not being able to appreciate the lyrics. (still haven’t even opened the album…). That changed yesterday. When I heard the cover of Lee Jang Hee‘s 그건 너 (while gathering links for this post) that as-good-as-genuine Korean 70s folk feeling removed any concerns regarding lyrics.

Usually I spend far too little time on YouTube, but while on a longer bus trip yesterday I finally felt like I had the time to indulge. And so I ended up watching Jang Ki Ha and his crew cover another few songs:

From Music Travel Lalala:
Song Chang Sik‘s 왜 불러
Hahn Dae-Soo‘s 물 좀 주소 together with Goonamguayeoridingstella (that has previously recorded something on the same theme for the Give Me Water Project album)

7080 concert:
A really pretty version of Russian folk song 백만송이 장미, performed together with Shim Soo Bong. (Check out this tweet for more on the same thing, including a version from Amado Band.)

And not a cover, but new to me: a low budget music video for 달이 차오른다, 가자. Though for some reason I prefer that first video from that performance.

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