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김창완 라라라 MBC 음악여행
From what I’ve gathered, MBC Music Travel Lalala is a TV show hosted by Kim Chang Wan where kpop acts and fairly successful indie bands can come on and sing covers in their own manner. Sounded interesting enough the first I heard of it, but I never got around to watching. However, I have a feeling I’ll get to see the best parts of it in not too long anyway – August 13 a CD+DVD set featuring 13 covers from the show will be released.

I looked up some of the more interesting tracks on YouTube and ended up with the following:
01. Yi Sung Yol covering Wonder GirlsNobody: [watch]
04. Zitten, IU and Ran covering The BeatlesAll You Need Is Love: [watch]
05. Zitten covering Velvet Underground‘s Pale Blue Eyes:[watch]
06. W&Whale covering TVXQ‘s Mirotic:[watch]
08. Seoul Electric Band and 계피 (of Broccoli, you too?) covering the Kim Choo Ja classic 님은 먼곳에: [watch]
09. Lee Sang Eun covering Deulgukhwa‘s 매일 그대와: [watch]
13. Jang Ki Ha & The Faces covering Lee Jang Hee‘s 그건 너: [watch]

Also on the album is Simon & Garfunkel‘s April Come She Will as performed by So-yi (of Raspberry Field), Whale, Yozoh, No Reply and Serengeti.

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