Planned Pastel releases for June & July

With all the titles on the April & May list released, today Pastel Music offered a list of the upcoming releases for this month and the next.
짙은 - December– The first Korean release on the list should be out already, released today June 8, and it’s a digital single called December from Zitten.
– Second on the list is a 2009 Remastered edition of Casker‘s album debut 철갑혹성 – first released in 2003. The release date is set to June 25.
– Moving on to July, it seems like we will be treated to the second part in Misty Blue‘s four EP series with the release of Sentimental Story Teller – 여름의 온도.
– Finally, also listed for a release in July is Taru‘s first full length solo album. It was on the list for February & Mars too, and still doesn’t have a title so I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

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