A few words on Embrace All

티어라이너 (Tearliner) - Embrace All
Via BabelPop I came across Not Another K-Blog!!! where I found a fellow Tearliner fan in the admin – that has already had a listen to last week’s release: Tearliner Embraces All.

Happy Robot too blogged about Tearliner’s Embrace All yesterday, posting a music video for the title track. The MV also seems to double as some kind promo vid for the Korean release of Belgian movie Le silence de Lorna.

Listen to Embrace All (the song) at Happy Robot’s MySpace. And check out Indieful ROK’s own Embrace All pre-sampler post if you want a taste of the rest.

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  1. kjpop

    fabulous site! It’s great to find people that admire indie music in the ROK! Would it be alright if I add you to my blogroll? This is kjpop over from Not Another K-Blog!


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