Planned Pastel releases for April & May

A lot of names are familiar since the list for February & Mars when Pastel Music announced their upcoming releases for April & May today:
Yozoh will release Cooky on April 10. Sample available at Pastel.
Taru will release Lovely Pink on April 20 – this may be the first full length album of hers announced earlier, but I leave no guarantees. Taru also has her name by the OST for Chronos Wing (크로노스윙), which seems to be some kind of RPG for cell phones.
adultchild will still release their second full length album. The title of it is currently Dandelion.
Han Hee Jeong is still expected to release a mini album.
Misty Blue‘s second full length album appears to have turned into a mini album called Sentimental Con. Troller. More on that here if you understand Korean – something about a solo album?
Sentimental Scenery will release something called Shiny Blue

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