Upcoming Pastel releases – spring 2009

And while we’re on the subject of Pastel, here’s a bunch of upcoming releases announced during the week:
에피톤 프로젝트 (Epitone Project)- 긴 여행의 시작Epitone Project will release a “special album” called 긴 여행의 시작 on February 24. One new track on the album called 그대는 어디에 features Han Hee Jeong and there’s another bunch of new tracks on there too. Then there’s 나는 그 사람이 아프다 (where Taru is featured) from With or Without You and a fair amount of titles familiar from the digital albums 1229 (2006) and At Your Favorite Place (2008). Epitone Project’s first full length album too should get a release before long.
Taru too will release her first full length album in not tooo long.
Sentimental Scenery will release his first full length album. It would seem Paris Match‘s Mari Muzoni is involved in some way…
– IDM act Toxicbiasfleurivy will have it’s 3rd album, Particles, released in March. Teaser vid here.
Han Hee Jeong is expected to release a mini album.
adultchild will release a 2nd album!
Misty Blue‘s second full length album is finally almost here.
Sogyumo Acacia Band has a fourth full length album coming up.
Yozoh is expected to release something too, but what exactly seems unclear. Last year there was something about yozoh & friends

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