Yozoh, Taru and Dawny together on YDH’s Love Letter

Pastel Music‘s finest female artists – Yozoh, Taru and Han Hee Jeong – recently appeared on Yoon Do Hyun’s Love Letter performing a bunch of songs together. I wouldn’t have known unless indieROK had told me, and I would not have seen it had he not been kind enough to share the important parts on YouTube:

Yozoh, Taru, Han Hee-Jeong: Intros and Medley
Yozoh sings 샐러드 기념일 (Humming Urban Stereo)
Taru sings 랄랄라, It’s Love! (The Melody)
Han Hee Jeong sings Love.

Yozoh, Taru, Han Hee-Jeong: We Will Rock You

Yozoh, Taru, Han Hee-Jeong: Medley 2
All three sing Yozoh’s 아침 먹고 땡, Han Hee Jeong’s 우리 처음 만난 날, Taru’s Yesterday, Kim Gun Mo’s 빨간 우산 and Yoo Jae Ha’s 지난날.

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