Blog related news and new free CD draw!

It’s time for a few blog related news:

– There is now an Indieful ROK listening group at Indieful ROK @ Feel free to join, use the forum and participate in the creation of the Indieful ROK group’s own radio channel! Of course there’s already the indieful rok tag radio (available to the right in the sidebar), but I figured it’d be fun to hear what kind of music Indieful ROK readers actually listen to :)

– I have now added Blogger’s new “Followers” widget to the sidebar. If you have a blogger account and read this blog every now and then, you are more than welcome to register as a follower meaning other readers can find your Blogger blogs when visiting this one.

– We’re going to have a new free CD draw! It’s been six months or so since last time, so I figured it was about time.

As you’ve probably noticed, my fellow companion orienkorean has pretty much left the online world. I’m planning on staying, but I only have time to post on a fraction of the things I’d like to post here (I’m still hoping that’ll change, but it doesn’t seem to happen any time soon…). This means I need to do some heavy prioritizing, but I do so without really knowing what you want to read. So basically I’d really appreciate it if you could somehow (comments, mail etc.) let me know what it is you want to find here. What kind of posts you prefer, any specific type of music you’d want me to post more on, or bands and people that are of particular interest to you.

If you do, you’ll have a ticket reserved in Indieful ROK’s free CD draw: either you’ll get a copy of Zitten‘s soon to be released self titled album or (in case you’d rather have something else) I will select something interesting for you based on the suggestion(s) you’ve made. Let’s say you’ve got till the end of October to come up with something. And depending on how many entries there are, one or more winners will be randomly picked after that.

15 Comments Blog related news and new free CD draw!

  1. Shay

    I joined the Indieful ROK group :) It should be good ^^.

    As for suggestions, it’d be great to hear news on labels like GMC Records (Judgement Day looked really cool!). Also, if you know or find any good Korean post-rock or experimental bands, let us know :)

    As always, keep up the great work

  2. helikoppter

    Great :) I was listening to the Indieful ROK Member’s radio at work all day today and you added a whole bunch of good stuff I’ve been meaning to listen to, but never really had the time for ^^

    Good thing you mentioned post-rock! Not that any names come to mind immediately (there is a fair amount of bands making something resembling post-rock every now and then, but to my best knowledge there is no proper Korean post-rock band) but that Japanese post-rock post over at SparkPlugged was really, really good and doing something similar here every now and then would probably be a lot of fun. Thanks!

  3. johnjihoonchang

    I’m a fan of your album/ep/single release announcements. It helps me keep track of things I might want to pick up.

    I appreciate you keeping the blog up even with orienkorean taking a long leave of absence.

  4. helikoppter

    Thanks! Nice to know the release announcements are appreciated as that’s become what I post the most of. They will most likely continue, especially since I’ve come to use them as a way to keep track of what to put on my wishlist for orders from mrkwang ^^

  5. jenny

    i love your blog. i found it from orienkorean’s youtube page… this blog honestly changed my life because it introduced me to good korean music. i’m korean by birth and i’d been so disillusioned by the kpop scene. your blog shows me that there’s more than what meets the eye.

    i also joined the lastfm group.

    please tell us where we can purchase or download the bands you talk about. myspace pages are good, but so limited.

    i’d also like to know more about who you guys are… i’m interested in who writes this blog and how they were inspired.

  6. helikoppter

    Balloon & Needle is indeed a good place to get started on the experimental music, but most of it’s too noisy for me… However Puredigitalsilence I find most awesome – eerie yet relaxing.

    jenny, thank you so, so much for your comment! It really made my day :) I don’t see you among the members of our lastfm group though.

    Regarding downloads, I’m sorta trying to keep posts here to what is offered online by official sources for multiple reasons – primarily to be able to build and maintain good relationships with the artists themselves. While I could name a few that I know download most of what they listen to, I also know those that are strongly opposed to it…

    As for purchases, if YesAsia fails you there is always mrkwang – if he doesn’t already have it he will get it for you if you ask ^^

  7. Tamiko

    I just stumbled here through the group, and I like what I’m seeing here =DD

    As for what I’d like to see here… would it be possible to gather some information about various artists in English? Even a little bit would be completely all right! It’s hard to find information that’s not in Korean…

    (and if you already do that, I apologize, because I’ve only been here for 15 minutes)

  8. helikoppter

    Could be that the wiki is useful, but I really want to make one for Indieful ROK one day too. I just need to find the time between everything else I must/want to do first…

  9. Tamiko

    Hmm.. well, the information was mainly for my curiosity and because I want to add the artists to wiki.theppn somehow. I’m quite disappointed at the lack of indie listed there :/

  10. Stephen

    Hey, I’m late for the contest or whatever, but I’d just want to thank you for writing on this blog. I don’t check it daily (I don’t check blogs daily in general these days), but I do check it once in a while because I do love to explore music and have really taken a liking to K-indie.

    Some of my favorite indie artists are Peppertones, Sweater, Earip, Misty Blue, Ibadi, and I’ve started getting a little into Tearliner. I listen to stuff like Sister’s Barbershop sometimes and also really dig some K-Hip-Hop like Pe2ny/The Quiett, etc., but I don’t think that’s the focus here.

  11. Stephen

    Sorry for the double post, but by “once in a while” I meant regularly, because I do check this blog at least every week or so (I think). Thanks again. =)


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