Yeongene & BMX Bandits continues collaboration

This is a few weeks old already, but it was news to me: Yeongene has a couple of releases headed for Europe, late 2008/early 2009. I found this information in a blog entry at Scottish band BMX Bandits’ MySpace, and there’s more! One of the releases is Yeongene’s Burt Bacharach cover album from 2006, me and my Burt, and the other (this is the really good part) is an extended version of Yeongene & BMX Bandits’ delightfully sweet Saveoursmiles EP! The original EP, that counted 4 tracks, was merely 11 minutes long and that wasn’t even near enough… Head over to YouTube to watch the adorable video for Save Our Smiles.

2 Comments Yeongene & BMX Bandits continues collaboration

  1. helikoppter

    Good to know! I’ll make sure not to delay any posts on them for too long then :)

    Thanks for the feedback and consider yourself entered in the free CD draw that’ll start here in the weekend (more details to come).


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