Bloody Cookie makes a return as Storyseller

As far as all female rock bands go in Korea, Bloody Cookie is by far my favorite. Their first single, 無毒花, from 2005 was nothing short of amazing with their gothic/grunge/nu-metal blend. Their next single, a curer, while different in style also had its moments of awesomeness. As we could report in May, the four women have been working on yet another single and it seems they’ll be releaseing it on September 17. Though not as Bloody Cookie.

Browsing Oi music today I found an upcoming single called My Dear from band Storyseller. And from what I can tell, Storyseller is the new name of Bloody Cookie. Babelfish seems to confirm this, and it also suggests that they want to “escape the limit of Rock music”. Thusly, Babelfish claims, they have now made a song with “disco ryhtm” and another one where they’ve gone for a big band feeling. When I interviewed them last year, they said they would only sign with a label if they were able to cling to their personal sound, but this is all making me very suspicious… I guess we’ll just have to wait another while and see.

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