A couple of electronica releases

Heenain Mizimum Vol.1Rose Line - Summer City
Heenain continues with her stream of digital releases and put out Mizimum Vol.1 on August 7. She debuted in October last year, but already she’s on her fifth release. Watching the videos on her minihompy (there’s a Jukebox too, but it won’t play for me…) it’s easy to get the impression that she’s a jazz artist, but at least for this release she’s making some sort of vocalless electronic music of the kind that would fit perfectly on an Eastronika compilation.

What if you’re in the mood for some sweet electronica with female vocals then? Then you’re probably better off seeking out the most recent release of RoseLine: a 3 track single entitled Summer City. RoseLine debuted roughtly a month ago with the digital single 미소, but obviously I failed to mention that here.

What used to be Sunday Diary is now No Music, No Life, but the contents remain the same – had it not been for the awesomeness that is HSoo I most likely would’ve missed both of these releases…

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