A couple of soundtracks

Gourmet OST vol.2The Secret of Keu Keu Island OST
The first soundtrack from the SBS drama Gourmet was released not even two months ago and already there is a sequel! Pastel Music presents Gourmet original soundtrack Vol.2 on August 18. Featured this time are names such as Taru and EZ Hyoung. And Sweetpea, already featured on the first, has contributed with a “drama version” of Moonrise from his 2000 album neverendingstories.

Another interesting drama soundtrack was released on August 13. W/Where The Story Ends has made the soundtrack for MBC’s The Secret of Keu Keu Island and they featured Whale, Yi Sung Yol, Thomas Cook (of My Aunt Mary) and byebyesea‘s 나무 for some of their tracks. There’s also a track on the album from Peppertones, that have had Miki from Japan’s the Indigo do vocals.

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