Broke In Korea #5

The fifth issue of ‘Broke In Korea’ came out a couple of weeks ago. If you’re not familiar with Broke, it’s a Korean punk ‘zine (written in English). The contributors to the ‘zine are mostly foreigners who are active in the South Korean punk scene. You’ll find a number of social and political commentaries in this latest issue. Of course, you’ll also find articles on the Korean punk scene and some cd reviews. There’s a review for psychobilly band Command27’s “Songs from the Six Gun” LP, as well as reviews for Suck Stuff’s “Rough Times Ahead”, The Moonshiners’ “Uprising”, and Galaxy Express’ “Ramble Around”. There’s also a little review of Join The Circle’s 9-song EP that i haven’t listened to yet.

You can find the previous 4 issues here:

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