Randomness #22

So, Christmas is coming up again and just like in previous years I failed to get any sort of advent calendar style countdown going. Not that I’m really the Christmas-y type. It’s just that I’ve had this idea that I think would appeal both to those that are and those that don’t care at all… Continue reading

Kirin Releases Remix Album

’21st century multi-artist’ Kirin is back with the remix album he announced in Korean Indie’s mini-interview earlier this year. Continuing with his 90’s hip-hop and dance revival the album is called 인기가yo! 메가믹스  (read as inkiga-yo! megamix). With 15 tracks total many are remixes of songs from Kirin’s first full-length album while others are brand new. “히위고 나우” comes… Continue reading

Mini-Interview with Kirin

It took me a few weeks to check out Kirin after seeing his name floating around Twitter. His name first caught my interest because of DJ Magik Cool J‘s involvement in the production of his music, but once I decided to follow up on it his music videos is what got me really interested. The 90’s… Continue reading