7th Seoul Record Fair Limited Releases

The 7th annual Seoul Record Fair will take place during the weekend of June 17-18 at Seoul Innovation Park. Just like last year the event offers sales of limited edition vinyl pressed especially for the event as well as a set of strictly limited edition cassette tapes.


The vinyl trend has definitely grabbed a foothold in Korea over the past few years with new vinyl releases now showing up with some frequency throughout the year. Seoul Record Fair was early to catch on and continues to bring exciting offers also this year.

Exclusive Releases

One of the definite highlights of the Seoul Record Fair is the availability of releases exclusive to the fair. These typically sell out during the record fair itself–sometimes even in its very first day–but if they don’t lucky fans might be able to find a copy in their independent Korean record store of choice a bit later. All of the vinyl below has been manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Album Type Copies
Sunkyeol급진은 상대적 개념 (1st album) black 500
Lang Lee신의 놀이 (2nd album) black, 180g 500
Shin Hae GyeongMy Reversible Reaction (1st EP) clear violet, 45rpm 500
Sister’s Barbershop비둘기는 하늘의 쥐 (1st album, remastered) 2LP (3 sides),
black, 180g
2nd Moon두번째 달 (1st album) 2LP, clear orange/black 500


First Sale Items

In addition to the record fair exclusive releases, there’s also the set of vinyl that has been pressed with the intention to sell in record stores but that will first be sold at the fair. Some of these may sell out for good already during the weekend.

Album Type Bonus Copies
Summer of Thoughts생각의 여름 & 곶 (1st + 2nd album) download voucher
Jay Park x KirinCity Breeze (1st single) 7″, blue/neon yellow/black B-side with 2 remixes 300
Sultan of the DiscoThe Golden Age Revisited (1st album) black/black+red splatter download voucher
Brown Eyed SoulSoul Free (1st album) 2LP, black, 180g 600
Brown Eyed SoulThe Wind, The Sea, The Rain (2nd album) 2LP, black, 180g 600
9 and the NumbersSolitude and Solidarity (3rd album) aqua blue download voucher 500
The MonotonesInto The Night (1st album) 2LP, white+black End of Summer single; poster 500
Sung Jin HwanBaby Birds (1st album) black/sky blue, 180g 1 bonus track 500
Im In GunJanus, The Reminiscence black/transparent/ivory CD + 54 page booklet 300



In parallel with the vinyl trend, Korea’s underground music scene has also returned to cassette tapes. This year’s Seoul Record Fair brings a collaboration between Big Baby Driver and E Hyeji specially for the fair, and also offers first sale of four additional very limited edition releases.

Album Copies
Big Baby Driver x E Hyeji빅베이비드라이버x이혜지 (special collaboration) 80
Universe MongaeMorph+ne (demo tape) 20
Danpyunsun and the Sailors (2nd album) 80
Kim Doo Soo자유혼 (4th album, 2016 remaster) 90
Common GroundDance Republica (4th album) 20


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