Kirin Releases Remix Album

’21st century multi-artist’ Kirin is back with the remix album he announced in Korean Indie’s mini-interview earlier this year. Continuing with his 90’s hip-hop and dance revival the album is called 인기가yo! 메가믹스  (read as inkiga-yo! megamix). With 15 tracks total many are remixes of songs from Kirin’s first full-length album while others are brand new.

“히위고 나우” comes in two mixes, including a “funky mix” from DJ Fraktal. “검은안경” is now available in a “Magik West Mix” from DJ Magik Cool J not only featuring 45rpm‘s Park Jae Jin, as on the first album, but also Lee Kyung Hwan and Yoo Wan Moo of The Freaks. “난 외로움은 싫어” makes a return in a mix version featuring MukimukiManmansu. Among the new songs we find “Would You” featuring organ player Lim Ji Hoon and “누나는 시간이 많아” featuring Mimi Sisters.

The remix album got a digital release on September 6th with the CD release scheduled for September 20th. “New Jack Swing”, “우주 (천왕성 Mix)” and “Would You” were already released on digital singles during August.

As the album got its digital release Kirin posted a music video for “Here We Go Now (이다흰 JEEP Mix)” on his YouTube channel:


Music videos for “New Jack Swing” and “우주 (천왕성 Mix)” were released alongside the digital singles in August:


For more from the remix album, here’s a preview including brief samples of all tracks:

Via: YesAsia. Sources: maniadb; Kirin

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