Soran and Yellow Monsters Sing for Orange Revolution Festival

Korean owned chained Smoothie King launched the Orange Revolution Festival in August to showcase the talent of Korean indie bands through a series of concerts and busking events, where the audience was encourage to dress in orange. Five concerts were held as part of the initiative from mid-August through mid-September and corresponding digital singles with… Continue reading

Fromm Releases First Digital Single

Tied to Peterpan Complex‘s Showmust label, singer-songwriter Fromm could first be heard singing on Locomotive‘s first solo EP. In October last year her “마중가는 길” could be heard on the Showmust Omnibus and as she releases her first digital single on May 16th the same song is included as a B-side. The title of the… Continue reading

Peterpan Complex Prepare to Release Best Album

It’s been ten years since Peterpan Complex released their first single and with that the band members are preparing for the release of a best of Peterpan Complex album. Part 1 was released as a digital single on May 4th including a recording of fourth album song “모닝콜” featuring a fellow Showmust artist, singer-songwriter Fromm…. Continue reading