Soran and Yellow Monsters Sing for Orange Revolution Festival

Korean owned chained Smoothie King launched the Orange Revolution Festival in August to showcase the talent of Korean indie bands through a series of concerts and busking events, where the audience was encourage to dress in orange. Five concerts were held as part of the initiative from mid-August through mid-September and corresponding digital singles with participating artists have been released. The last one, part 4, came out on September 27th and featured previously unreleased songs from Soran (“참 이상한 날이야”) and Yellow Monsters (“Oh Right!”) as well as rapper Dok2 (“Hunnit”).

10cm and Acoustic Collabo both contributed songs on the theme of love for Orange Revolution Festival Part 1 in August–both songs have been given music videos since. Later the same month Orange Revolution Festival Part 2 followed with songs from Taru, Lalasweet and Tete, though a music video followed only for Taru’s song. Orange Revolution Festival Part 3 followed two weeks later with songs from Linus’ Blanket and Soulman.

Here’s the music video for 10cm’s “사랑이 방울지네”:


Here’s the official live MV for Acoustic Collabo’s “사랑이 멀어져가”:


And here’s the music video for Taru’s “Orange Blossom”:


When Tete recorded “달콤한 비밀” for the single he featured songstress Fromm. Here they can be seen performing the song together during the actual Orange Revolution event:


Although first released just a few days, Soran have already been performing “참 이상한 날이야” for at least a year:

Via: Bugs Music 1, 2, 3, 4; Smoothie King; Koreaboo

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