Free Electric Muse ringtones

In case you’re equipped with a phone that requires files to be in .m4r format to function as ringtones, here’s a little something for you. As part of it’s Japanese label launching celebration event, today Electric Muse shared Big Baby Driver‘s 38,000km 너머의 빅베이비, Dringe Augh‘s Flair, and Telefly‘s My Bluesas ringtones for free. Find… Continue reading

More news on upcoming albums

More news concerning upcoming releases came in via Twitter today:– Blues rock band Lowdown 30 will release a new single next month.– Skate punk band The Strikers have finished mastering their upcoming album, landing at 47 minutes and 31 seconds worth of new music.– Mixing and mastering of the second full length album from Trampauline… Continue reading

Random news roundup

A collection of recent news items: Upcoming SBS drama Protect The Boss (보스를 지켜라) will include a scene where Super Kidd bursts into 돈 때문이야~ – a parody of 간 때문이야 from the 우루사 ad featuring soccer player Cha Du-Ri: Superkidd and the Brave Girls to cameo in ‘Protect the Boss’. As a side note… Continue reading