Random news roundup

A collection of recent news items:

Upcoming SBS drama Protect The Boss (보스를 지켜라) will include a scene where Super Kidd bursts into 돈 때문이야~ – a parody of 간 때문이야 from the 우루사 ad featuring soccer player Cha Du-Ri: Superkidd and the Brave Girls to cameo in ‘Protect the Boss’. As a side note (finally an excuse to post it!), you can hear eAeon of Mot sing 간때문이야, or Cry Me a Liver, on SoundCloud.

더블유 (W) - Where The Story Ends / 웨일 (Whale) - CIRCUSSSS
The first press of W&Whale‘s Circussss mini album sold out on the day of release. allkpop offers some translated words from W&Whale on how the album was created: W&Whale makes a dramatic comeback with “Break It Down”.

Thanks to Korean rock is real I’ve found out about a new indie music album chart, indie.go.chart 50, where Daum every other week compiles the charts from a number of CD retailers. So far 3 volumes of the Indi-Music Chart Magazine presenting the chart have been published:
Vol.01 2011.06 (2011.5.11-2011.5.25)
Vol.02 2011.06 (2011.5.26-2011.6.10)
Vol.03 2011.07 (2011.6.11-2011.6.25)

And some things about upcoming releases, all of which have been talked about for quite some time yet not previously mentioned on IROK:
The Moonshiners are currently recording for a second full length album.
– 4 weeks ago 49 Morphines were recording for a new EP.
– Via MySpace Vassline offered the information that they are still working on their next album, albeit slowly so.
Storyseller has a CD release planned for the autumn.
Sagitta plans to have a new full length album out the end of the year

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