W&Whale’s Break It Down MV too violent to broadcast

Today Fluxus Music shared the news on Twitter that there’ll be a “clean” version of the Break It Down music video from W&Whale as it has been deemed unsuitable for broadcasting on account of it being too violent. The original uncensored version will however still be available for viewing through the fluxus YouTube channel.

2 Comments W&Whale’s Break It Down MV too violent to broadcast

  1. refresh_daemon

    I thought the new video was pretty awesome, but I know that Korean TV censors are very conservative, so I’m not surprised. After all, Whale does “kill and dismember” W’s members as well as eviscerating a large plush bear.

  2. helikoppter

    I found Fluxus wording on it quite amusing “Controversial music video is so depraved”. Had to watch it again to figure out what the violent parts could’ve been.


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