Nuits Sonores: Cool Korea @ Lyon, France

For the 2016 edition of electronic music festival Nuit Sonoroes in Lyon, France, Années croisées France-Corée du Sud together with Institut Français arrange a special program under the name Cool Korea ! Carte Blanche à Séoul. The line-up for the festival will be announced on February 3, but already the 12 Korean bands coming over to perform have been named.

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New Glen Check EP Released in Korea and the UK

Since the release of first full-length album Haute Coture in March this year, Glen Check has transformed from a trio to a duo after the drummer left the group. In June the synth-pop act promised a special EP with a “brand new style of tracks”. It turned out to be an homage to Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson, putting a… Continue reading