Save The Air Vol. 2 Offers New Songs from Pastel Artists

In November 2010 Pastel Music launched a series of concerts under the name Green Concert which has continued since. A compilation called SAVe tHE AiR: Green Concert was released in January last year and on February 9th time has come for SAVe tHE AiR: Green Concert Vol.2. Like the first time a number of Pastel Music’s own and other invited artists offer previously unreleased songs on the green theme.

Participating this time around are J Rabbit, Linus’ Blanket, Zitten, Tensi Love, Glen Check, Casker, Han Hee Jung, Monni, Trampauline, The KOXX, Yozoh and Sumiara and Phonestuber. A music video for the new Casker song “New World” was released today:


Sources: Hyang Music; Indieful ROK

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