ROKON Indie Source Music Magazine‘s March issue is out! Korean music fans will take special interest in the Clazziquai live review (pg.21). You can get it as pdf when visiting ROKON’s homepage.

Happy Robot‘s No Reply released its first single today. There are four tracks in total and Jake Shapiro of Boston’s Two Ton Shoe is featured on the title track, 고백하는 날. Judging from their song on the Story of Dogs compilation from last year, we can expect some light breezy pop with soft male vocals.

Should you be looking for some modern rock in the vein of Delispice, keep an eye open for naru’s first album, 自家撞着, that will be released on Happy Robot March 6. Samples for seven of the thirteen tracks can be heard in Happy Robot’s media section or at Hyang Music.

Loveholic will release a 2CD compilation called Dramatic & Cinematic, filled with songs they’ve made for various dramas and movies over the years, on March 11. This will be the last Loveholic release with vocals from Jisun.