5th Korean Music Awards winners

For the fifth time, the annual Korean Music Awards have been handed out. It all happened yesterday, but due to heavy traffic the KMA site is down right now. Fortunately for us, the Korean version of Wikipedia is already updated on the matter and it reveals that the awards of 2008 were distributed as follows (allowing for the phrasing of award titles to be a little off):

Album of the year: Lee Juck 《나무로 만든 노래》
Song of the year: Lee Juck 〈다행이다〉《나무로 만든 노래》
Musician of the year: Yi Sung Yol 《In Exchange》
Newcomer of the year: Younha 《고백하기 좋은 날》
Performance of the year: Yesanjok 《藝山族》
Drama/Movie soundtrack of the year: 《Que Sera Sera》

Rock song: Mary Story 〈너 없인 행복할 수 없잖아〉《Mary Story》
Rock album: Hollow Jan 《Rough Draft In Progress》
Modern rock song: Yi Sung Yol 〈아도나이〉《In Exchange》
Modern rock album: MOT 《Strange Season》, Huckleberry Finn 《환상…나의 환멸》
Hiphop song: Drunken Tiger 〈8:45 Heaven〉《Sky Is The Limit》
Hiphop album: Epik High 《Remapping The Human Soul》
Pop song: Lee Juck 〈다행이다〉《나무로 만든 노래》
Pop album: Lee Juck 《나무로 만든 노래》
Dance & Electronic song: Wonder Girls 〈Tell Me〉《The Wonder Years》
Dance & Electronic album: House Rulez 《Mojito》
R&B & Soul song: Yoonmirae (T/Tasha)〈What’s Up! Mr. Good Stuff〉《Yoonmirae》
R&B & Soul album: Yoonmirae (T/Tasha) 《Yoonmirae》
Jazz & Crossover song: Woong San 〈Yesterday〉《Yesterday》
Jazz & Crossover album: Woong San 《Yesterday》

Netizens’ Choice, Rock: No Brain 《그것이 젊음》
Netizens’ Choice, Modern Rock: Nell 《Let’s Take A Walk》
Netizens’ Choice, Hiphop: Epik High 《Remapping the Human Soul》
Netizens’ Choice, Pop: Younha 《고백하기 좋은 날》
Netizens’ Choice, Dance & Electronic: Bigbang 《Bigbang Vol.1》
Netizens’ Choice, R&B & Soul: Brown Eyed Soul 《The Wind,The Sea,The Rain》
Netizens’ Choice, Jazz & Crossover: Nah Youn Sun 《Memory Lane》

Special commission price: 《Live Club Bbang 컴필레이션 3 -The History of Bbang-》
Special merit price: Shin Jung Hyun

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