Finally, we have made ourselves a proper layout for this blog! While announcing this, I guess it is a good a time as any to explain our mission, purpose, or whaterver you’d like to call it. Simply put Indieful ROK is supposed to be something akin to a blog aggregator, albeit with some contents of… Continue reading

Liner has been composing again. New instrumental Tearliner song up at his blog: ‘무제’ [Studio Guide]. His buddy Kang Jihoon (the other half of Low-End Project) has assisted, playing electric guitar, and a couple of other people too can be heard in there.

Putting an extremely busy week behind me, updates should now get back to normal (that is whenever I find something interesting & k-indie related I’ll make a post on it). First up: the promised update on The Invisible Fish.    The first EP of The Invisible Fish, Through The Glass Wall, is now available for… Continue reading

Former Bluedawn member slowzz posted the second track from the recently released EP of his solo project, The Invisible Fish, along with an interview in Korean on his blog today: 뒤로. Through The Glass Wall was released on March 15, five days later than first announced here, and will soon be available for international order…. Continue reading