Finally, we have made ourselves a proper layout for this blog! While announcing this, I guess it is a good a time as any to explain our mission, purpose, or whaterver you’d like to call it.

Simply put Indieful ROK is supposed to be something akin to a blog aggregator, albeit with some contents of it’s own. Inspired by it’s a trap! (dedicated to Scandinavian music), this is supposed to be a place to drop by when you feel like getting updated on Korea’s indie music scene. We’re both busy people, so at least for now we cannot cover everything that happens. We will however attempt to post on any interesting news & stuff we come across. And if you know of anything worthy to post here, you’re more than welcome to tell us.

It’s kinda hard to say what’s really in our scope, but any music that would pass as indie definitely is. Heavy underground rock stuff is too. And we wouldn’t shy away from sharing news on lesser known acts in other genres either, should we come across any. Indie (or simply somewhat alternative music) that has gone mainstream probably is in our scope too granted that any of us care enough about the band/artist. Basically we’ll post on whatever we find interesting enough that wouldn’t get covered in one of your regular kpop news blogs.

Oh, and in a shameless attempt to attract more readers, we have decided to randomly give away a copy of The Invisible Fish‘s debut EP Through The Glass Wall. If you want a chance on it, send an email to before the end of April telling us what you’d like to see more of here and you’re in the draw ^^


  1. indieROK

    Thanks for doing this, there’s always a need for more English-friendly coverage of k-indie. Have seen you guys around soompi and youtube of course. Hope I will have something useful to contribute at some point. For now happy to read and learn!

  2. Mongdori

    Ditto the previous comment. The Youtube channel is amazing, as well. Though, I was wondering why you don’t have titles to your blog entries, as it makes it hard to read the RSS feed and for other sites to link automatically to your posts. Anyhow, thanks for all the work you put into this.

  3. helikoppter

    Thanks both of you :)

    I know it makes the feed titles look ugly, but the intial thought was that with several posts a day titles would make the actual blog seem cluttered. When I have the time I’ll try to find a way to have titles without showing them here :)
    As for direct links to posts (if I got you right), you could get those links from the time stamp here at the blog ^^

  4. helikoppter

    Yes! I think I managed with the post titles! Just found that the contents of blogger’s “widgets” too can be altered if you just check the little box before “Expand Widget Templates” – I had totally missed that one before.
    Let me know if you see any weird behavior in your feeds from now on or if there are any other layout issues you’d like me to fix :)


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