LO joins GMC Records

South Korea’s top hardcore label GMC Records has a new family member – LO. In this 3-piece screamo/punk/alternative band, the guitar/vocals (Ian Eu-Min Gallagher) and bass (Shin Seung Jae a.k.a Pboy) are from the melodic hardcore band Unroot. The drummer, Ryu Myung Hoon (Ryutaro), is from the screamo/hardcore band 49Morphines. They’re planning on releasing their 6-track ‘Spring’ EP sometime in December. A taping of their performance “The Light Within You” was put up on Ian’s youtube page.

1 Comment LO joins GMC Records

  1. mrkwang store

    I was away from GMC stuffs for a long time, because not many people are looking for metalcore / hardcore cds from my store. Even Vassline is not selling well. (Bad selling is for My store only?)

    And GMC has changed music style somewhat this year, even including emocore, which genre is much worse selling from my store.

    However… As I always think, you know much better news than I do. -_-


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