Mini-Interview with Genius

Early August I was contacted by Genius promoting the band’s new album, 별바다 (Sea of Stars). For the most part of 2017 I’ve been thinking I should get back to blogging without really succeeding, but after having a few listens to “너나나나” I decided this was the time to actually do so. As circumstances would have it I ended up otherwise distracted, but with the album release show in Busan coming up this weekend I finally sent off a few interview questions.

Who is Genius?

Kim Il Du: Casey Steve and Me

Lee Chung Mok: That’s a good question. I think the answer keeps changing. Right now we are three dudes trying to sell an album. Will that be cash or credit?

Steve C: I used to think Genius was being a loser with some talent and big dreams. Now, maybe it’s that same loser with more inward-looking dreams.

Why did only Kim Il Du write the songs for your 4th album?

Kim Il Du: I’m sorry

Lee Chung Mok: That’s the way things evolved.

How is Sea of Stars better than any of your previous releases?

Kim Il Du: Same. It’s Music

Lee Chung Mok: I like the sound of the instruments and vocals better.

Steve C: Ildu’s solo folk/ballad music is pretty different from what he writes for the band. His solo sensibility has come through on older Genius tracks like “Catch a Job” and “About Loving Someone,” but those were kind of like anomalies. This album, however, sounds like the solo vs. band worlds fully colliding. Is it better? I don’t know. But it’s quite different and…maybe more grown up?

What are the best and worst things about growing older?

Kim Il Du: Growing older?

Lee Chung Mok: The best thing about growing older is that you stop caring about a lot of things you used to care so much about. That’s also the worst thing. You probably saw that coming. I don’t care.

Steve C: Yeah. Like Chung Mok says, we spend our lives saying “fuck off” to the bullshit of the world. Then we get older and see that bullshit is all there is in the world. It’s like 99.9% of life. So what then? The worst part of growing older is that realization. The best part maybe is figuring out where to go from there: what the 0.1% is that matters. That’s kind of what this album is about. I think. If anyone feels otherwise, please send me some hate mail.

Genius’ fourth full-length album 별바다 (Sea of Stars) got a digital release on August 1st with the physical release following a few weeks later.

The album release show in Seoul took place earlier in September, but if you happen to be in Genius’ hometown this Saturday you may catch the band at Someday for the Busan album release show. On September 30 it will again be possible to catch Genius live in Seoul as the band is scheduled to play at Zandari Festa.

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